About me

Matthias Bachofen Beer

I was born and raised in the German part of Switzerland, near Zurich. After a commercial school I added a second apprediceship as a woodturner, from 1984 until 1987. In 1990 I moved to the Italian speaking part of Switzerland (Ticino) and started working as a woodturner on my own. I have been teaching turning for more than 25 years. In 2011 I realized my dream with the opening of the woodturning school and with the total dedication to my profession and passion.

I create exclusive objects such as vases, fruit bowls, boxes with lids, fountain and ballpoint pens and spheres, using mainly local woods (which I get from forestry companies and gardeners), always highlighting the beauty that is hidden within them. I then finish the objects with much attention to detail using other materials such as gold or silver leaf or colouring them to enhance their hidden grain. In the end they are further embellished and protected with oils and waxes.

I deal with turning not only during my working days but also my holidays and my trips are always enriched by visits with woodturners or to places where wood plays an important role.